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Questions we get a lot.

[toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What is your neighbor cancellation policy?‘]Neighbors can cancel an event at no charge at any time prior to when they have accepted a quotation and scheduled their service appointment. You can establish your own policy for any cancellations made during the period between when the actual work is scheduled and when the job is started, so long as you communicate to the neighbor the details of this policy at the time of scheduling. It is also important for you to communicate a deadline for when your quotation is no longer valid.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What is the greenline?’]To increase incentive for neighbors to join in numbers, and to ensure you don’t suffer when only a small number join, we ask that our pros offer great service and fair pricing to all neighbors.  

While Blueberry is not a “deal” site, the primary difference we’ve seen between high and low numbers of participants is the clarity of an extra value statement. Neighbors assume that they will receive a clear and differentiated benefit, beyond great service, when grouped. However, to receive that extra savings, enough should participate to truly save you time. The sustainability of our community depends upon this balance.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’How does Blueberry make money?’]This extra value green line statement is up to you, as is the threshold at which it takes effect. Generally, significant savings for all is reached when three or more neighbors join an event. At that point, you should provide a tangible statement of discount off of service or minimum fee.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’How do I interact with Blueberry customers?’]Our status tracker app enables you to:

  • Login to a mobile-friendly view of neighbors participating in each of your active and past events
  • View and update the current status of each neighbor through each job phase: Call, Estimate, Schedule, Finish Job, Invoice, Paid
  • Track and schedule estimate and job dates/times.
  • Cancel neighbors that have informed you that they are not following through with the job
  • Optionally enter notes at each step of the process
  • Automatically receive neighbor event joins and cancellations
  • Optionally send estimate and job date/time confirmations to neighbors

We charge a nominal fee for completed jobs. There are no hidden or up-front fees. Currently you will handle invoicing and payments as usual. Your transaction fees accrue until they exceed $100, at which time we will invoice you. We will be implementing integrated payments soon.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What are events and how are they created?’]

Events are group services scheduled for specific neighborhoods on pre-determined dates. Each event has a maximum number of participants and an enhanced discount when a minimum number of neighbors join an event (Green Line).

We periodically survey our neighbors to determine their upcoming home service needs. Based upon that information, historical data, and seasonal patterns, we suggest to you the general frequency of events to include on each neighborhood calendar. You decide which dates are most appropriate, typically four to six weeks ahead of time.

These event dates can be joined up to a certain number of days ahead of the event. You provide the number of days you need ahead of the event, so that if the event is not full, you can choose to supplement the day with other jobs. At this time, we enter the events onto the calendars on your behalf to ensure an appropriate distribution throughout the month.

We have two types of event dates… same day service (phone estimates), and in-person estimate days. Most service types fall into one or the other category, though in some cases it might make sense to combine small jobs and estimates on the same day. After in-person estimate days, you determine the most convenient schedule to complete the jobs, though, of course, it makes sense to combine neighbors on the same day when possible.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What happens when Blueberry neighbors want on-demand service? ‘]When neighbors are unable to wait until a scheduled event date, or are unavailable on the upcoming dates, they can request your services on demand. In this situation, we will direct the lead to you and you can treat it as a conventional service call. Neighbors still expect and deserve your premium Blueberry service level, but understand that group rates do not apply. However, the Blueberry transaction fee does apply to these situations.

[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What areas does Blueberry serve? ‘]We currently serve the cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, Mountain View, & Sunnyvale.[/toggle]