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[toggle title_color=’#757575′ title_font_weight=200 disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’What does Blueberry Home do?’] For the best answer, read this. Blueberry is a network marketplace for neighbors to do home repairs and services together. On Blueberry, neighbors are able to get services done with their neighbors in just a click of a button. Blueberry makes it easy to use service providers already coming through your neighborhood. We’re making booking and receiving all of your home service needs a delightful experience.[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’I saved my spot in a group service, now what?’] Awesome! You get to sit back and relax knowing that we’re delivering you convenient, high-quality service providers to your home! We’ll have the service provider call you before the event takes place.[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’How do people use Blueberry?’] Blueberry makes it easy to jump on local services already coming through your neighborhood. In just a click of the button you can save your spot in an upcoming event. Blueberry empowers our neighbors to kickstart their own group services by recommending pros and inviting other neighbors to join in on the savings.[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’Why Blueberry?’]Blueberry saves you time, money, and energy when you join your neighbors in group services.


  • No more searching, calling, and scheduling pros
  • Neighbors benefit from group discounts and “strength in numbers”
  • Neighbors can easily kickstart their own group service events
  • Every group service reduces the trucks on the road and the carbon in the air
[/toggle][toggle disable_image=1 border=’none’ title=’How does Blueberry make money?’]Blueberry is a transaction marketplace. We charge our service providers a small transaction fee for each successful job request. Payments are currently made offline, but all payments will be made through our app beginning in December 2016. [/toggle]