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Rayne Plumbing & Sewer Service

Serving Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale

About Us

Rayne Plumbing has served San Jose for over 50 years! Our plumbing services covers everything from emergencies to inspections, installations and repairs. Our staff has terrific customer service.

If you’ve ever performed a service with passion and complete disregard for monetary gain, then You already know us. If you’ve ever performed a job for the benefit of another human being, because after all, before your trade, vocation or profession, that’s who you really were, then You already know us. If you receive more gratification in achieving respect from a job well done then from what it pays you, then You already know us. No, we’re not a bunch of saps, air heads or idealistic nincompoops.

We do however, charge fairly, try our best to make a fair profit so that we may be able to serve your needs for many, many years to come. We will never over sell you and will always try to leave you with feelings of having met your highest expectations, because life is far too short for promoting negatives. Besides, we are in the business of creating relationships, and what you think of us, is far more important than any monetary gain. That’s why we continue to be, and are proud to be Diamond Certified.

License #447221

From Blueberry: 

The neighbor comments are coming in. Rayne’s field and phone personnel are receiving rave reviews for their friendliness and professionalism. Steve, the owner, is very open to feedback and eager to further improve his service.

What’s Next

Once you save your spot, Rayne will call you to review your particular needs and schedule a specific time on the event date to come to your home and provide an estimate. In some cases, they’ll have enough information from their phone call to perform smaller jobs on the same day as they are providing estimates for your neighbors. They then schedule the remaining approved jobs for appropriately sized groups of neighbors over the next week or so.

From Rayne Plumbing and Sewer Service

Our expert technicians can cover all of your plumbing needs. Our Diamond Certified plumbing services cover everything from emergencies to inspections, installations and repairs. Sewers, gas lines, leaks, water heaters, water softeners, etc. We serve both residential and commercial customers, providing our technicians with a breadth of experience.

We don’t play games. Our hourly rate of $164 is not the cheapest, but that allows us to maintain the best plumbers. Working with groups of Blueberry customers who meet the green line, we can deliver this great service at a lower rate of $139 per hour.

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License: #447221

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I can’t say enough about Rayne’s quality of service. The five star rating truly is for Rommel.  He immediately identified the ongoing problem with my kitchen sink, and fixed  the mistakes of incompetent previous attempts by two different companies.
He is beyond efficient and super fast. I will never work with anyone but him should a problem arise in the future. I would highly recommend that you request Rommel at Rayne Plumbing if you want five star service.

Kathy T.

General Plumbing, Los Gatos, CA

The puddle that wouldn’t dry up after the rain turned out to be a leaking water main. Rayne Plumbing came out right away to inspect. They don’t charge travel time.
The tree roots bent the water pipe in search for water and cracked the seals.
The work was done in a way that the roots cannot push or lift the pipes again, using metal stents and corner pieces only a plumber can explain.
I was impressed by the speedy response and follow through, as well as the professional and polite way Rayne’s associate handled the plumbing problem. Our worry was quickly turned into satisfaction.

Javon F.

General Plumbing, Mountain View, CA

Great service by Henry today! He was able to quickly resolve a clogged kitchen sink and also gave some great tips about how to care for and clean old pipes. Very happy to work with someone so professional.

Angela T.

General Plumbing, Novato, CA

We had troubles with two of the toilets in our house for weeks. We contacted Rayne Plumbing. The company sent Rommel and he fixed the plumbing troubles in very short period of time. Rommel did an excellent job and we never had any troubles with those two toilets since. Rommel is punctual and really knowledgeable in his professional area! Furthermore, he is a delightful person to work with. I was so impressed with his plumbing work that I invited him back to do a house inspection the following week. I would recommend Rommel to anyone without hesitation! In fact, some plumbing troubles will cause quite serious problem and finding an experienced professional technician will help you to avoid such headaches!

Tony H.

General Plumbing, Sunnyvale, CA

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