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Serving Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale

About Me

I have always realized the “magic power” of planning, organizing, and attention to detail.

Right out of school I worked for an international airline and spent 8 years in the catering department. Next stop was as a Catering Operations Manager at Stanford University. I became incredibly skilled at working in fast-paced, demanding environments. I realized that planning and attention to detail were crucial to the success of any undertaking. I learned that having an organized work space allowed my team to do their best work and keep our customers happy.

Helping others to live an organized, efficient and productive life became a personal passion.

As a household manager for a busy Silicon Valley executive, I mastered the art of multi-tasking to handle the needs of a family of five and their demanding schedules.

While working with them, I recognized the complexities and challenges many Bay Area executives and their families face in trying to “do it all.” When I help my clients with all the things that make life easier, I see the quality of their life improve.

That makes me happy!

From Blueberry

Cynthia came to our community via a recommendation from one of our most active neighbors. Further checking verified that she is the type of passionate professional perfect for our neighborhoods.

Cynthia Campi may be available for group services on other days:

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What’s Next
Once you save your spot, Cynthia will call you to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation. During that consultation, she will schedule a specific time on the event date to come to your home and provide the service. In some cases, she will split the in-home services across additional dates.

2hrs – $150
— a free 30-minute phone consultation
— two (2) hours of hands on organizing, errands, or special projects
— parking, tolls, mileage, and gas up to 25 miles
— small donation drop-off (4 bags)
— donation receipts
4hrs – $275
— a free 30-minute phone consultation
— four (4) hours of hands on organizing, errands, or special projects
— parking, tolls, mileage, and gas up to 25 miles
— small donation drop-off, recycling or trash (8 bags)
— donation receipts
8hrs – $550
— a free 30-minute phone consultation
— eight (8) hours of hands on organizing, errands, or special projects
— parking, tolls, mileage, and gas up to 25 miles
— small donation drop-off, recycling or trash (16 bags)
— donation receipts
Other services
— Move In, Move Out
— Company is Coming
— Event Planning
When three or more neighbors participate in a Blueberry event, I’ll discount my fee by 10%.

Cynthia Campi

Cynthia Campi

Life Manager

I believe that organization is more than just cleaning up. It’s about creating freedom… in your life… in your mind… for your soul.

Checked & verified by Blueberry Home

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Every now and then we have the unique opportunity to meet and work with someone that is truly extraordinary. I had that opportunity with a recent transaction I was involved with in San Mateo. I am a real estate agent in the mid-peninsula and was asked to represent the sale of an estate Cynthia was connected to. It was a wonderful property – although it had accumulated a life-time of furniture and personal items and needed a makeover. Projects included (but were not limited to) painting, landscaping, cleaning, hauling and hardwood floor refinishing. Because it was a family estate, Cynthia eagerly volunteered to take on the responsibility of arranging, managing and coordinating the process of getting the home ready for the market. She handled the project seamlessly! She was efficient, conscientious and most importantly, the work was excellent! Best yet, the home was ready right on time! Having worked with coordinators in the past, I can easily say that Cynthia would be at the top of my list when I need assistance. She is excellent to work with both personally and professionally.

Philip Watson

Coldwell Banker

I have known Cynthia for more than 10 years and we have worked together on various projects, from organizing homes to planning and catering parties. In the beginning of my career as a professional organizer, Cynthia and I worked together with a client who had lost his wife to cancer. Having made the decision to sell his house and downsize, he was faced with the task of parting with many objects that carried memories of a lifetime with his wife. Throughout this project, Cynthia continuously amazed me with her ability to balance practicality with sensitivity to the client’s emotional state. As it was important for our client to be environmentally conscious, Cynthia used her vast knowledge of resources in the bay area to find places to donate many of the belongings he was discarding. As a result, he felt good knowing that he was reducing landfill waste and giving to people who could really use and appreciate his belongings. I admire Cynthia’s creativity, sensitivity, work ethic and professionalism, and would work alongside her again in a heartbeat!Thank you so much Hani for coming out to give me an estimate.  I’m so glad I choose your company for this project, the tile looks way better then the previous contractor who tiled our 3 bathrooms.  My kitchen and Laundry room look super nice.  Your workers pay so much attention to detail that I felt like I was doing the job for myself.  The smooth transition looks great and I’m glad they were able to get it done.  They cleaned up after the project and I was very happy with their work.  I would highly recommend you to all my family and friends.  Thank you so much.


MSW and Professional Organizer, Los Angeles, CA

Cynthia is beyond resourceful, no matter what challenge she is faced with, she exceeds all my expectations. Whether it’s pulling off a holiday staff party at my home or recommending a vendor to reupholster furniture, she seems to have a resource at her fingertips for every need. Best of all, both she and her network of people are experienced, reasonably priced and a pleasure to do business with. I don’t think you could find better.

Debra, EDAC

President & CEO, The Center for Health Design, Pleasant Hill

Cynthia is an absolute god-send. I have been working with her for about 15 years now, and she has literally changed my life. She handles it all, from errand running, shopping, event planning, general organizing, and even recommending and setting up maintenance work for the house. Cynthia is able to handle all of the dreaded “to-dos” on my list, so that I have time to do the things I love again. I love that I can just hand her a list of things that need to get done and she is off to the races. She is fast, efficient and knowledgable about where to go to get exactly what I need.

Sometimes, I need to work closely with her to organize the garage, or the office, or the kids’ rooms. She is an absolute delight to work with. She keeps me focused so that we accomplish ten times more together than I would accomplish alone, and in a fraction of the time. She has even given me great decorating advice! Cynthia has an extraordinary set of resources to complete home projects. including painters, carpenters, and handymen, to name a few. She knows just the right store that sells the one thing I am looking for, and just the right people who can use items we wish to donate.

She has also helped me plan large events and has so much experience with catering, preparation and managing outside vendors that she just knows what works–and what doesn’t. With an eye for detail and a great aesthetic sense, Cynthia makes every event we plan a beautiful occasion–and she makes it look easy.

What I most like about working with Cynthia is the sense that she really, really enjoys helping people to live their best lives. She does an exceptional job of helping to make the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time.


President, FMBR, Mountain View

We have worked with Cynthia for years. She’s has helped us on numerous special projects. One time I wanted to take my wife away for the weekend, she had great suggestions, helped me plan all of the details and made it happen. It was a great trip. On another occasion we needed to build baskets for a school auction. I had no idea where to start. Cynthia helped us develop various ideas, created a plan, then she executed the plan – buying everything and assembling the baskets. They were a hit. Cynthia just gets the job done – on time, on budget and with a smile.


Director- Managing Enterprise Architect

I’ve worked as a Household/Estate Manager for a family with multiple houses in Atherton and Menlo Park for the last ten years.

Cynthia has helped me on multiple occasions with large projects that needed extra expertise in household organization and move-in organization. Over the years, Cynthia has been a constant resource to me in all aspects of estate management, organizational skills, time management, event planning, and catering advice. Cynthia is the only person I would trust more than myself to make any household immaculate or event perfect. There are many things I really admire about Cynthia including her drive, positive attitude, constant energy, enthusiasm about projects, attention to detail, and her ability to always make the perfect quick decision. She is honest, genuine, confident, competent, hard-working and a delight to work with. Since knowing and working with Cynthia, my life has been forever changed (for the better). I’ve known Cynthia and worked with her for over twelve years and would feel confident recommending her to anyone. She has my trust, my respect, and my gratitude for passing along so much knowledge. Cynthia’s work produces a deep sense of relief, appreciation, and a new zen approach to your organized life.


Household / Estate Manager

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