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Blueberry Home Chimney Inspection & Sweep is brought to you by:

Peninsula Chimney Sweep

Serving Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale

From Blueberry

Jeff at Peninsula Chimney Sweep is a true five star professional, highly recommended by local neighbors. We at Blueberry are dedicated to an incessant battle against procrastination… eliminating each reason to put off getting things done. In some cases, such as chimney inspection and sweeping, tasks that affect the safety of our homes aren’t even on our lists. 

From Peninsula Chimney Sweep

We provide great pricing on chimney sweeps, inspections, and repairs, helping ensure that your family is safe.

Additionally, in the spring and summer, Peninsula Chimney Sweep delivers pristine barbecue inspection and cleaning service.

Jeff, the owner of Peninsula Chimney Sweep, has close to 20 years in the masonry trade. He has a deep passion for the chimney sweep industry. Jeff is a member of various sweep organizations and has a broad knowledge of how a fireplace functions. He will not only treat you as a client, but a long term relationship will be built.

What’s Next

When you join a group event, please indicate in the notes box if you have more than one chimney. Jeff will call you typically four or five days ahead of the event date to answer your questions and schedule a time for your service.

From Jeff at Peninsula Chimney Sweep

Many homeowners assume that since they don’t use their fireplace much, they don’t need to get an inspection. The problem is that pests may have built nests clogging your flue, lining or chimney smoke chamber. Freeze and thaw cycles combined with moisture also take a toll on your chimney and liner even if you don’t use it. Normal wear and tear is just a fact of life for chimney systems. Having defects detected and fixed during annual inspections is always the best choice. The longer the problems go unfound, the more costly repairs are likely to be. Staying up on your fireplace, stove and furnace and venting systems maintenance is the safest, smartest and most cost-effective way to go.

We provide a 21-point inspection during which we go over the entire fireplace structure making sure its safe to use.

If we feel the chimney is in a safe condition, we will proceed with a Stage 1 chimney sweep.

If there are additional repairs, parts etc that need to be addressed, that will be noted in the inspection. We are able to provide most repairs.


This inspection and sweep costs only $210. However, when the green line is met (two or more participants in a single event), we’re reducing the Blueberry neighbors’ price to $180.

If upon inspection, we believe that you do not need a sweep, the charge will only be $120, or $100 upon green line.

Jeff Soares

Jeff Soares


Here at PCS we are here to make sure your family is safe when it comes to your chimney. With over 20 years in the industry, we have been recognized as one of the BEST on the peninsula.

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Jeff is a top professional, returned my call promptly, setup the appointment, called me a couple of hours before  for a reminder and to provide his ETA.
I had an issue with the damper of an old chimney, he warned me that it will be difficult to find spare parts and suggested to  try a reversible work around solution, then while trying this solution he discovered the root cause and fixed it on the spot. I was so relieved not having to replace the whole chimney system due to the lack of spare parts. I highly recommend him.

Radhia P.

Chimney Inspection & Sweep, Burlingame

Jeff just inspected my 2 fireplaces.  I thought for sure that one of the chimneys would need to be swept, as we’ve used it quite a bit over several years.  But Jeff said they both looked great and didn’t need to be cleaned.  He pointed out a very minor problem with one of the fireplace cleaning doors (the frame was loose), and he fixed it for a very reasonable price.  Jeff is honest, knowledgeable, and friendly, and I would highly recommend him!

Robert K.

Chimney Inspection, San Mateo, CA

I hadn’t had my chimney checked out since moving into my home a few years ago. I figured it needed a cleaning. Jeff came out and did an inspection and said he did not need cleaning. I appreciated his honesty and was happy to pay him for the inspection and peace of mind that all was well.

K. W.

Chimney Inspection, Palo Alto, CA

I know what you are thinking, how could anyone have nothing but incredible reviews?  Well, once you call Jeff at Peninsula Chimney Sweep and work with him you will know why.  Let me just add that it is all true.  He is the best, fair and honest, and he does a great job.  I would never call anyone but Jeff now for my chimney needs.

Kim I.

Chimney Inspection & Sweep, San Francisco, CA

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