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Created by a homeowner tired of the same old way of doing things

The list of things I needed done around my house was getting longer each week. Finding reliable professionals to provide home services was such a daunting task, I just pretended that I’d get around to doing things myself. Many of the tasks I needed were small, where I’d be paying more for drive time than work time.

I figured that others near me must have similar needs, so I began using Nextdoor to group my services with neighbors. This worked great. We saved money and felt safer when booking services together. However, managing a bunch of jobs on spreadsheets was very cumbersome for me and the pros.

So I started building software to simplify each step. Over a couple of years, I moved the whole process online, from grouping through payments. Now, anyone, anywhere in the US, can leverage Blueberry to group neighbors together for nearly any home service.

Grown by a team passionate about people working together to improve our communities.

We’re looking for Blueberries to join our family. Maybe that’s you?